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When an artist is serious about his craft, the way Dutty Flex envisions his successes, there’s only one way to press on. That’s precisely the approach this talented, persistent, versatile and independent modern Guyanese artist, had to succumb. Upon completion of his previous hit album, ‘Fully Loaded’, Dutty Flex had to take his music to heights, never experience personally or by his peers. Hence, the birth of his second personal entity redefined, recharged and ‘Reloaded’.
The successful outburst of ‘Fully Loaded’ created a wide opportunistic appeal for Dutty Flex’s follow up album, ‘Reloaded’. If you don’t know this artist yet, you’ll come to know that he’s a perfectionist and his music, no doubt takes center-stage.

‘Reloaded’ breaks open to all, with its worldwide appeal, fusing diverse dancehall music with splashes of West Indian culture, making it a ‘must see and must get’ album. With its lyrical and collective efforts, this album stands up to the test of times and critics.

Dutty Flex is young, full of wit, a talent to be reckoned with and has a promising career in the music industry. So it comes as no surprise when he chose to work with the best and creative ‘on the rise’ artists, to make ‘Reloaded’ an impressive accomplishment.

‘Patience is virtue’. Some would agree but others, including Dutty Flex isn’t one to display this sentiment. He’s beyond serious and passionate about his craft and with this eagerness comes genuine realization that he’s at the top of the pack, the leader on a trail, which takes him to the ultimate place he seeks, in only ‘A matter of time’. 

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Serious Thing
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Be My Girlfriend

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