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Cameraman available for hire. Please inquire. 

Daily rates starts at $500 (Pro HDV/DVCAM/DV)

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Stealth Productions is the tool for all your Video Production ventures. The following lists our extensive services. Inquire about our customize features too.
Stealth Productions is fully insured and a proud member of the Wedding & Event Videographers Association International. (WEVA)

Music Video Production PDF Print E-mail

Stealth Productions has an extensive resumé in Music video production, from the project’s initiation to the grand finish product. You may have a small budget for a simpler script, needing a camera or two. Maybe you have an open budget for an exaggerated shoot. We’ll resourcefully and effectively meet your needs to bring your ideas to the forefront.                                               
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When Stealth Productions signs on to be your production team, you get more than just a producer, director or camera-man and editor. You’ll get a wealth of experience, a capable team ready for your assignment, be it indoors or out.
Corporate & Industrial Video Production PDF Print E-mail

Technological advancement in the workplace is most effective when employees are invested in, by providing them with the right tools to improve their duties, which leads to an enhanced working environment and ultimately creates a superior company. For such goals to be met, time management is emphasized.
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Most of our projects come from referrals. Stealth Productions will bring all your momentous and ceremonious gatherings and events to a peak, every time you choose to relive those moments. Our experience in weddings, parties of all descriptions, family biographies and photo montages, is the incentive you need in order to choose the best video production company.

Multi-Camera Recording Facility PDF Print E-mail

Our studio facility is self-reliant in the sense that all video production is done at one (1) location. Recording, editing and post-production are handled in a very timely manner, all made possible through our comprehensive studio layout. The studio accommodates a range of camera angles, that is, single or a multiple camera system.
Digital Film Production PDF Print E-mail

We have a wide range of production equipment required to produce/create digital independent films or DVD Projects. Contact us with your request.
TV & Web Commercials PDF Print E-mail

Your business can be more effective by advertising on the medium with the highest viewership, Television and online. Extend your services, products and pertinent information about your company, to a wider market.
Video for Religious Organizations PDF Print E-mail

Attaining a larger audience is always an ultimate objective in every religious organization. While some share the word through booklets or crusades in the neighborhood, the mainstream has counted heavily on TV gospel shows. Times are changing and the churches are very accommodating to the lifestyles of its people.

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Stealth Productions teams up with artists from diverse genres, especially when it involves their debuts. With our attractive rates, expertise in the entertainment arena and state of the art equipment, your talents will shine through, brilliantly.
Video Integration PDF Print E-mail

Stealth Productions is highly qualified in designing and installing video recording equipment for Small businesses, Production studios or Religious Organizations.
We’ll visit the premises (NYC Area) in which you need to design and give you a free estimate of the equipment you need. Depending on your budget, we’ll integrate your existing equipment with more current pieces.
Conversion and Duplication PDF Print E-mail

Conversion and Duplication

Stealth Productions offers a wide range of video conversions and transfers between consumer and professional formats. For both small and large scale video duplications, we have the capacity to get it done. We can convert your old home videos to DVD.


Surveillance System PDF Print E-mail

When most people think about surveillance, they are reassured about their safety. Stealth Productions have a proven track record of simulating simple or hi-tech versions of Video Surveillance systems, design to your specifications, for its appropriate functions.